Ivory for Art

Florida is home to unique Contemporary Art pieces and Jewelry all handmade from 50 to over a 100 years old ivory PIANO KEYS, antique billiard ball offcuts, GUITAR bridges, antique brushes, combs, button offcuts just to name a few. Our Signature item, Ivory chain, is made from Recycled Old Ivory Piano Keys. All my pieces are original and most are one of the kind. We sell only within the State of Florida, of which we reside. No interstate and international sales whatsoever.

40 years ago, in London, Britain, I came across a warehouse which was storing old ivory factory seconds and off-cuts, left for waste. It was accumulated for over a century from British craftsmen making ivory piano keys, billiard balls, cutlery handles, dress buttons, just to name a few. I thought of ideas how to give this valuable material another life, recycling into modern jewelry.

I brought ivory to US in 1970s and 80s according to all US laws. I have all legal import documentation from that time. Beside just working with ivory, I was also deputized by US Fish and Wildlife service in the 1980s to work as an expert in the field, calling on my professional knowledge of ivory.

Necklace made from
Recycled Old piano keys


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Recycled ivory necklace made

from Billiard Ball offcuts!